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If you are eligible for one of our discount programs, or were asked to complete this form, simply fill in the requested information and submit. If any required documentation is requested, simply scan it and use the link to send it. Afterwards, we will review your application, decide and if approved, you will receive your unique discount code via e-mail within 1-2 business days. Just enter this code at checkout to get your discount. Thank you for your interest and applying with us!

Personal Information

You may be eligible for one of our many discounts below:

1. MILITARY: Any Member of an Active Duty, Reserve (incl. National and State Guards) or other component of the Uniformed Military Services of the United States. This includes Retired Members and Veterans that served and received an Honorable Discharge at separation.

Supporting Documentation of active service or discharge required. Examples include (but not limited to, at companies request) DD-214, Current Orders, Valid DOD Identification, Valid government issued ID with appropriate designation, Veterans Organization ID, etc.

2. First Responder: (Police/Fire/EMS) Any Currently active or retired member of any Federal, State, County or City Law Enforcement, Fire Department or EMS Agency, or similarly sponsored agencies. This is also to include qualified disaster relief workers/volunteers (for ex., Red Cross workers)

Supporting Documentation which may be requested includes (but not limited to at companies request) Photo Identification with agency affiliation, Retirement Certificates, Payroll stubs and forms, etc.

3. Medical Community: Any current or retired employees or volunteers at any certified health-care facility or group. This may include, but is not limited to, Physician's, Nurses, Nurses Aides, Medical Technologists, Dental & Eye Care, Mental Health Professionals, Retirement Home workers, Non-Traditional Medicine providers (Chiropractors, etc.) etc.

Supporting Documentation which may be requested incudes (but not limited to at companies request) Photo Identification with affiliation, Retirement, Appointment Certificates, Payroll stubs and forms, etc.

Note: In Person and Retail Store Discounts are handled under a different policy. Please see documentation in-store for details.

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