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We want to make it as easy as possible for members of the Media and Press to complete the preparation of articles and features about our company. Below you will find information about Hemp Revolution that may not be displayed upon our "About Us" page that could make your job easier. As always, if you require anything else, feel free to reach out.


Our logo is designed as a 3D image to emphasize it and make it appear to pop from the page. It is hoped that the eventuality will be a near universal recognition (even without the lettering) throughout the industry.

The globe shape is meant to represent the world of Hemp and it’s benefits and contributions to the planet.

The 7 points are meant to represent the 7 leaves of the Hemp plant, without being a direct recreation of a Hemp leaf (so as not to have it confused with a Marijuana Leaf). They wrap around the globe shape to represent the embrace of Hemp on the world.

Our name is written on an oval shape on the front in the Georgia Font in white. The green is the Brand color of Dark Green (RGB 3e5a5b).

Hemp Revolution Logo


We developed our motto to summarize our purpose, to bring Hemp knowledge and products to a new generation. After a notable 80-year absence from American markets, the marketplace is dominated with synthetic materials and artificial ingredients, a byproduct of commercialization and industrialization.

Recently, the markets have been penetrated by a call for sustainable and natural products. Hemp’s qualities as an Organically grown, sustainable crop (along with other advantages) places it in a unique position to serve not only this market, but to penetrate and have a significant impact in other types of manufacturing.

We intend to be at the forefront of the Hemp industry, and it’s expected growth, bringing it into the future!

"Helping to Bring Hemp Into the Future!"

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality Hemp & Sustainable products with exemplary customer service by:

·       ​Carefully sourcing and selecting only the highest quality of products to offer our customers, with an emphasis on North American grown Hemp and Hemp products. We will ONLY offer food, supplement and body care products which were safely grown and manufactured in the U.S.A. or Canada (and thus are subject to U.S. authority’s regulation and inspection).

·       Providing several varied outlets for customers to purchase our products (Our Website, Pop-Up Retail, Brick-and-mortar retail, etc.), and several options for contacting us with questions or concerns.

·       Using technology and experience to improve the customer's journey.

·       Providing timely, efficient, and satisfactory responses to customer inquiries and concerns.

·       Providing a safe, professional, and enjoyable environment for our employees and customers.

Our Story

Hemp Revolution is the operating (dba) name for the S.D. Hughes Hemp Group, LLC. It was founded in September 2018 by Scott D. Hughes, after a series of other entrepreneurial endeavors. The promise of Hemp in the market, along with the impending passage of the 2018 Farm Bill (which legalized the cultivation of Hemp as a crop in the U.S.) as well as a desire to be in a field which made an impact on society and the environment combined to form the trifecta of conditions that led to the decision to begin the company.

The company is young in years, but big on plans and goals. Some of the things that are planned for the future include:

1.       The development and production of a line of Hemp Seed Oil Bath & Beauty Products.

2.      The acquisition and operation of a facility for the production and distribution of Hemp Seed Oils and Flour.

3.      The acquisition and operation of a facility for the production and distribution of Hemp paper products.

4.      The opening and operation of a premier retail outlet for Hemp and related products, with the potential for additional locations and the possibility of franchises.

About Our Founder

Scott Hughes is a Navy Veteran that served from 1993 to 2002, after graduating High School in 1992. He hails from the City of Danville, VA, but has lived in several places over his life. Beginning with Navy schools in Orlando, FL and Idaho Falls, ID, he was then stationed aboard the Nuclear Powered Fast-Attack submarine U.S.S. Helena (SSN-725) in Pearl Harbor, HI and later in Portsmouth, NH, where he served as an Electrician’s Mate. His last duty station was as a Nuclear Power Program Recruiter in Los Angeles, CA. He separated Honorably from the Navy in 2002 and begun the second part of his early years.

Scott moved to High Point, NC in 2002, and after working at a series of Security and Loss Prevention jobs, was hired as a Letter Carrier by the US Postal Service, where he was employed in Greensboro, NC and later High Point, NC.  In May of 2012, unfortunately, he had to end his tenure with the Postal Service after being diagnosed with, and undergoing removal of, an Acoustic Neuroma (a benign brain tumor).

Due to complications from that procedure, he spent the better part of a year recovering several basic abilities, such as swallowing and walking.

He also found himself unemployed on disability and seeking a new way that he could contribute given his limitations. Scott had always had an interest in being in business for himself. Expanding upon this, he completed numerous business-related classes sponsored by local Chambers of Commerce and Small Business Centers and attended many other events and Networking sessions. After several different entrepreneurial ideas that never worked out, Scott finally found Hemp.

His interest in Hemp as a product began while researching new, more natural, methods to help with some of his medical issues. Soon he discovered not only could it do this through its extracts, but that the plant itself could do and be so much more (it has been estimated that it could be used in nearly 50,000 products). Combined with this knowledge and a strong desire to have an impact, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and a business idea was quickly formulated and has grown into the organization that exists today.

He continues to live today in High Point, NC with his wife of 10 years, Lisa, and cat, Smokey.

Portrait of Scott Hughes

Please download the following document for a printed summary of the above information.

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