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Legal & Policies


Shipping Policy

Prior to shipping, payment is due on all items purchased via any of the PAYMENT METHODS offered.

Processing and shipping will generally occur between 1 and 2 business days of said transaction. Shipping times are estimates based upon the carriers experiences and guarantees. We will generally use the United States Postal Service as our carrier. unless not possible or otherwise appropriate. Shipping charges are calculated at checkout and apply, unless provided as part of a quotation or other agreement.

In an effort to conserve resources and minimize costs, we may utilize a used shipping container, if it is in good condition.

A small surcharge may be added to shipping costs for non-priority packages or any non carrier provided shipping containers, to offset the costs of those materials.

We will not ship, nor will we accept, any package shipped C.O.D. We DO not ship to P.O. Boxes. Military APO/FPO addresses may be used as long as in compliance with carriers policies.


Return Policy

We will accept returns subject to the following conditions:

Product(s) must be in an UNUSED, UNALTERED, and UNOPENED state, with original tags and labels affixed, in order to return or exchange. Sale and Clearance (Closeout) items may NOT be returned nor exchanged. Damaged or defective merchandise that was found in that condition upon receipt, may be returned at any time for a replacement or refund. Returns are accepted ONLY IF authorized within 30 days of the shipment of your order and received in our facilities within 14 days of that authorization. The buyer is responsible for any shipping costs incurred due to returns. 

Returns must be authorized and assigned a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) before shipping any item back. You can obtain this by calling, e-mailing, messaging, or using the site's Contact Form. When obtaining this number, please specify whether you want to exchange the item, or receive a refund.


For exchanges: Once your item is received and inspected, a credit will be issued to your account which may be used towards a replacement item, which will be shipped back to you within 1 to 2 business days (of receipt of the return item). The customer is responsible for paying any higher differences in price. If there is a lower price difference, the credit will remain for the customers future purchases. Return shipping charges for exchanges will be borne by the company.

For Refunds: After the item is received and inspected, a credit shall be issued, in the manner which you paid, or if necessary, in the form of a paper check. 


In either case, shipping charges are not refunded nor credited. 

We will not ship, nor do we accept, any package shipped C.O.D.

We take great care in the packaging and shipment of our items. If we determine that the item was damaged because of an error on our part, we will replace the item or issue a refund, however, we will require it be returned prior to replacement or refund.

An item which was damaged by the carrier during shipment and covered by the carrier’s insurance should be claimed against the carrier using their procedures. In some cases, depending upon the carrier, an amount of insurance may be provided (see that carrier’s website for current info.) In these cases, the customer will need to make the claim with the carrier. Any amount of insurance above that is the responsibility of the customer.

Wholesale or business purchases are covered under their own separate Return & Refund Policy. Items purchased online may not be returned or exchanged in person at any Retail Location (as they are inventoried separately). Items picked up in person should be returned or exchanged in person.



Copy, print or include the original Invoice included with your order.

Clearly indicate the item(s) you wish to return or exchange. (by circling with a pen, highlighter, etc.)

Contact us to receive an RMA# and write it neatly on the invoice.

Prepare your return package. Be sure it is well secured against damage and sealed properly. Remember, no credit will be issued for opened, or used merchandise  or exchanges that are not re-saleable.

Place the invoice inside the box and seal it properly.

Take the package to the appropriate carrier and ship the item(s) back to us at the shipping address listed upon the invoice. (Remember, return shipping is the resp. of the customer, we DO NOT accept C.O.D. Packages)


Payment Options

We gladly accept many forms of payment, including credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.).

PayPal or other methods are accepted for certain transactions, however, they cannot be used as a purchase method for buying items on our website or in our Retail Locations. Buyers are responsible for adhering to any terms or conditions of their card and financial institution, or web based service.


Wholesale Inquiries

We gladly welcome inquiries about wholesale ordering, bulk ordering, associate distributorships, or any other program which may be in effect at that time. Simply Complete the Contact Form on the Homepage and one of our representatives will be in touch.


Vaping and Smoking statement

Currently we do not carry any smoking or vaping supplies. Although we feel it is a personal preference whether or not to utilize this method, and understanding that it is for the medicinal benefit of the CBD oil, we still can not market these types of items.

This is partially due to restrictions imposed upon us from our Merchant Account & C/C Processing Services. Also, there are age restrictions associated with Vape supplies that prove difficult to verify.




The products sold upon this site are provided as is without any guarantees or warranty. In association with the product, the S.D. Hughes Hemp Group, L.L.C. (along with its affiliates, subsidiaries and partners) makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, of title, or of noninfringement of third-party rights. Us of any of these products by a user is at the user’s risk.



Age Restriction Statement

You must be at least 18 year's old, or older to purchase Full Spectrum Oil Products (FSHO, CBD Oil, etc.,). In the case of some Vaping and Smoking products (not currently offered, but in event this policy changes) you are required to be 21. These will be marked as such.

By purchasing from our website, you certify that you meet the age requirements stated above and to comply with local and federal age restrictions.



Domestic Suppier Statement

Our company proudly supports United States based companies and jobs. Our intention is to use domestic suppliers (farmers, manufacturers, etc.) of Hemp products, with an emphasis on N.C. and Southern regional suppliers. However, due to the relative newness and low supply of some items, we may need to look to outside sources in order to fill our inventory and meet consumer demand.

In NO case, will we market any Hemp Edibles and Supplements or Hemp Bath & Body product from a non-domestic (North American) supplier due to health and safety reasons.



Contests and Giveaways

Contest and Giveaways


1. Promotion: Any Contest, Giveaway, Sweepstakes or similar program designed to encourage participants to enter in exchange for an opportunity to win a prize of some value.

2. Entrant: Any eligible member of the public who submits an entry (of the required format) to a particular promotion.

3. Entry: The individual submission in the requested format that officially “enters” a participant into that particular promotion or event.

4. The “Company”: Us, the members, employees and representatives of the S.D. Hughes Hemp Group, L.L.C. (dba Hemp Revolution).


Promotions Policies

Occasionally, the company will sponsor, or conduct, a Promotion for our customers and shoppers. These contests may be found on our Website, Social Media Channels, Blog(s) or any other form of electronic media which we utilize. They may, in some cases, be promulgated live, or in a different format (i.e., mailouts, etc.). These promotions will have different goals and prizes. Each individual contest may have a specific set of rules or conditions applicable in that case, and those will be made available for review before entering. However, unless specifically exempted or modified by the individual contest, the following Terms and Conditions shall apply to ALL such promotions conducted by, or on behalf of, the company.


·         You must be 18 Years of age or older in order to submit entries to and claim prizes for any promotion.

·         Unless otherwise stated, NO PURCHASE is necessary for the submission of an entry. In most cases, submission of an e-mail, name, and perhaps date of birth is required (as well as submission to being placed upon our subscription list). Making a purchase is voluntary and in no way improves or decreases your odds of winning any given contest.

·         Contests are open to residents of the 50 states. The District of Columbia and any Territories or Protectorates of the United States. This includes U.S. Military Bases and Diplomatic facilities overseas.

·         Company employees, their family members, contractors and representatives are NOT eligible to participate in any promotion of the companies.

·         Unless stated otherwise, only one entry is allowed per person, per contest.

·         By entering a contest, the entrant certifies that they have read and understand these Terms as well as the rules of the individual contest.

·         By entering a contest, the entrant also agrees to be bound by the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for the company’s website and any platform (i.e., Social Media, Blog, etc.) or Third-Party administrator of that contest.

Submission of Entries:

·         The company reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any given entry submission or allow any Third-Party administrator to do so. If deemed “ineligible”, that entry will be removed from the contest and the entrant WILL NOT be notified. The Company’s decision is FINAL in these cases.

·         Entries must be complete, in the proper format and include any required additional items (photos, videos, etc.) to be considered valid. In event that the entry is written, it must be legible and in a readable condition when received at the proper destination.

·         Submission of any media for a contest (photos, videos, etc.) may be required for some promotions. In that event, the entrant grants the company a limited license to utilize that media in any of our Marketing efforts, other promotions, or in any other manner deemed appropriate, without compensation. The entrant always retains ownership of the media, and when possible, will be credited. We may utilize a company watermark on the published media to prevent other parties from using it for unauthorized purposes.

Warranties and Representations:

·         The company reserves the right to modify, terminate, extend or otherwise change, at any time, the Terms and rules of any contest or promotion, this policy and any other documentation associated with them.

·         The company makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, as to the usability, acceptance, appropriateness, or any aspect or quality of the prizes of its contests.


·         Failure to follow this Policy, the rules of the contest, or any other requirement will result in immediate Disqualification from that contest.

·         Should the contest itself become compromised (by cheating, computer worm or virus, Third-Party error, etc.) the contest will either be terminated, or modified to remove any affected entries. If this compromise involves Personally Identifiable Information, the entrants shall be notified, however, the company assumes no responsibility for any compromise not the result of our negligence or bad faith error. Terminated contests or removed entries may not receive notification otherwise.

Winning the Contest:

·         The winner(s) of any given contest will generally be announced within two business days of the end of the contest period. The notification may be by e-mail, ground mail, Social Media or Blog Post, Website announcement or some combination thereof.

·         Unless otherwise stated, Winners have two business days from the date/time notified to claim their prize and validate any entries/complete any required documentation. Failure to respond within the required time will result in an alternate winner being selected and notified.

·         Prizes will generally be issued within one week of completion of that claim being made and the requirements being completed.

·         We may request additional information from the winner in order to complete the requirements and issue any winnings. For example, we will need a shipping address in order to mail physical prizes. Another example might be the need for a SSN or ITIN if a Form 1099 is required to be issued.  In any case, this information is not retained, and is destroyed/deleted upon the requirement being completed.

·         Winners are selected at random, or per the terms of the individual contest (for instance, if judged or voted upon). Odds of winning vary and depend upon several factors, most notably the total number of entrants.

·         The winner (or any participant) of any given contest shall grant the company a limited license to utilize their names, likeness, images, pictures, videos, etc. (beyond those required for entry) in any of our Marketing efforts, other promotions, or in any other manner deemed appropriate, without compensation.

Miscellaneous Contest Conditions:

·         The Company is NOT responsible for any contest/giveaway item which is lost or damaged in the mail system. This includes entries required by mail, prizes or other notifications. Likewise, we assume no responsibility for any electronic communication rendered unreadable or undeliverable due to senders’ action, actions of any ISP or network system, or even our individual computers.

·         By submitting an entry into a contest, the entrant agrees to release, hold harmless, and indemnify our company, employees, contractors, sponsors, representatives and any other individual or entity associated with the Company and/or the administration of the contest or prize.

Third-Party Services:

·         The company holds NO responsibility, nor endorses any contest, sweepstakes or giveaway conducted by another entity, nor their products or services, for which we may advertise (paid or not) or share with our customer/follower base via any method. Methods of sharing include, but are not limited to, posting upon our Website, sharing via Social Media or use of E-Mails. Blogging, use of an Electronic Bulletin Board or other Community resource.

·         From time to time, the Company may use Third-Party service providers to assist in, or fully administer its promotions. These services may include, but are not limited to, advertising, entry management, winner selection, notifications, Landing Page creation and hosting, and others. The use of a Third-Party may or may not be explicitly stated in the individual contest’s rules or promotion.


·         Prizes will be announced along with the announcement of the contest and may consist of products, cash, coupons and vouchers, free services (such as shipping, etc.) or any other prize deemed appropriate by the company. In NO case will any prize be awarded in any jurisdiction where the prize itself, or its value is determined to be illegal.

·         We make every effort to award the announced prize, however we reserve the right, when necessary, to substitute any prize (or portion thereof) with another of equal or greater value.

·         You may not substitute nor transfer any prize from any contest. You may not request that the cash equivalent value of the prize be issued instead.

·         The winner is responsible for any Federal, State or local taxes, tariffs, duties or otherwise due as a result of winning that prize. The company does not withhold taxes for awarded prizes. In the event that the monetary value of any prize, or group of prizes, exceeds $600 USD, an IRS Form 1099 shall be issued to the winner (and may require the providing of additional information).

·         Prizes are generally provided from company inventory or budget. However, we may use prizes issued by outside entities from time-to-time. Such prizes may include, but are not limited to, gift cards, gift certificates, vouchers, physical items or other items of value. In the case that an outside entities prize is issued, the company provides no guarantees of the acceptance of that prize if it is redeemable. The company also makes no warranty or guaranty, implied or otherwise, as to the functionality, appropriateness, usability, safety nor any other aspect of that item. Winner assumes all risks associated with the use or misuse of that prize.

Miscellaneous Agreement Conditions:

·         Should any part or section of this agreement be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to established law, that section shall be deemed unenforceable. However, the remaining conditions of this Agreement shall remain in force and enforceable.

·         This agreement shall be governed by the applicable laws of the State of North Carolina, USA.

·         Unless noted otherwise, all times referenced in this agreement, or in any promotion, are to be Eastern Standard Time Zone times.

·         This agreement, and its Terms, and the Rules and use of any promotion is VOID where prohibited by law.




Allergens and Packaging/Handling Statement

Allrgen and Packaging/Handling Stmt

We sell a variety of different manufacturers products. Those different manufacturers utilize a variety of production, manufacturing and packaging methods. Please check each individual products labeling and description before ordering to verify there are no food sensitivities concerns. As we are essentially a reseller, we cannot independently verify the sources, methods nor contents of any of our suppliers products, nor eliminate any prospect of cross-contamination with materials you may be allergic to. Please see the manufacturers documentation to satisfy any concerns.




Safety and Security

We take care, and we ensure our website provider and other third party vendors take great care, to safeguard your personal information. 

Whenever we collect or transmit sensitive data, an encrypted transmission method is used. This can be verified by looking for the small lock icon either at the bottom, or in the address bar (your browser may vary) of your web browser. You may also verify the web address begins with "https" instead of "http".

Your information is protected both online and offline. Only authorized employees with the proper passwords are allowed access to our systems, and only for legitimate purposes. Our computers are kept in a secure environment and also password protected, Any paper copy containing your Personal Information will only be retained as long as needed, and destroyed by shredding or other acceptable method with similar results when no longer required.


Statement on Gimicky Item Sales

Statement on Gimicky Item Sales

Hemp and Hemp products are a relative newcomer to U.S. markets. As such, there are many companies and individuals who will seek to become "overnight successes" in the industry. In order to accomplish this, sometimes sellers create "Gimmicky" products to appeal to consumers in the "craze" that follows the introduction of a new group of products.

This is especially true of the Hemp Extract (CBD) part of our industry. While trying to cash in on the "CBD Craze" we have seen companies market everything from CBD infused Water to CBD Pizza. The belief that if you put the "miraculous" CBD into anything consumers buy, then you can make money doing it.

Here at Hemp Revolution we have a different opinion, and a much longer vision of the Hemp industry. Hemp and Hemp Extracts are, by themselves, wonderful products with great benefits. They do not need to be "jazzed up" in order to make them more appealing to the buying public.

Since we plan on being around, long after these businesses and their owners have moved onto the next fad, there will be times where we may not (or wil not) carry a certain product that we consider "gimmicky." In order for us to stock an item, it must be 1. simple and easy to understand how it works and was created, 2. Must provide a real benefit for cosumers, and 3. Must not be infused ito another item simply to increase it's "saleability" with consumers (in other words, must not FEEL gimmicky.

Our commitment to our customers, the environment, the industry and our own values guide us in these decisions. Rest assured, if it appears upon our site, it meets the three criteria above.



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