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Hemp Revolution B2B Programs

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At Hemp Revolution, we love helping out other businesses. After all, we work in an industry where there still remains a lot of confusion and misinformation. It is understandable to need some help guiding through all of the rules and regulations involved. Here are our B2B Buying Programs that are designed with you, our business customers in mind.


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Meet Our Sales Team


Scott D. Hughes


T. 336-471-1673

Scott is a U.S. Navy Veteran and Founder of our company. He developed a personal passion for Hemp after leaving his position with the Postal Service. He is married with two cats and lives in High Point, NC.

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Perfect for businesses that:




Minimum Order:

Order Method(s):



Discount Program


Only purchase small amounts periodically and do not wish to order the amounts required of the Wholesale Min. Order. Good program for businesses thinking about selling small amounts of Hemp items or use Hemp ingredients.

Businesses which need to order large amounts of products or raw materials and/or ingredients, for reesale or manufacture.

Business receives a Discount Code to use when ordering from our standard Retail Price selections. If items purchased are used for resale or ingredients/raw materials, Sales Tax can be waived with submission of proper exemption form.

Tier based Wholesale pricing for catalog and some non-catalog items.

Business pays standard shipping costs per invoice, still eligible for any shipping discounts currently in force.

Separate wholesale shipping rates are provided, and any discounts are negotiated at time of order.

To register for a discount code, Business must provide current documentation that a business is operating, and whom the point of contact is to be associated with that business. (Varies based upon business organization)

Wholesale account is required, along with (prior to order) a valid state withholding exemption certificate from your state of residence.

No Minimum Order Applies (Except as required by offer or special)

A Minimum Order Amount is required, and may change periodically. Your Rep. will provide current info.

Order using standard method through website.

Order by placing order with Sales Rep. (or through Wholesale site if available)

Small retailers, Bakeries and Restaurants, Tailors and Seamstresses. Have a need for or can sell Hemp products. (contact with questions)

Hemp retailers, manufacturers of Hemp products. Alternate and Trad. Health Care. 

Online ordering only. Must use available online payment methods. Orders subject to inventory limits.

NOT available to ANY Hemp/CBD Based Business.

U.S. Only, Void where prohibited.

Subject to backordering. Payment methods available vary and are discussed with your Sales Rep.

U.S. Only, Void where prohibited. 

Requires account with proper documentation on file.

Do you run a business, such as a Manufacturing Facility, Farm or Extractor and would like someone to handle the wholesaling of your products? Just fill out the contact card below and we will be in touch to explain our program and what we offer.
To Register for a Wholesale Account, receive a Discount Program Code or to speak to a representative about wholesaling your brand/products, complete this form.
Please select your interest:

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