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Phytoremediation, the least discussed property of Hemp

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Hemp Plants growing in the Environment

Phytoremediation: The use of plants to detoxify SOIL using their ability to absorb nutrients and toxins from the ground.

We all know that plants, especially Hemp, have the added advantage of absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and helping to curb global climate change. Hemp is also a great plant for the environment in general.

The least known of it's many properties and benefits for the environment is its ability to "clean up" toxins from the surrounding soil and helping rejuvenate the ground.

It makes a wonderful crop for farmers to plant in rotation with their other crops to refresh their planting grounds. It has also been used in Industrial accident sites to help clean up toxic materials. For example, it was used around the city of Chernobyl after the Reactor meltdown and explosion in order to help remove radioactive elements from the soil.

A scientist involved in the Chernobyl clean-up stated, "Hemp is proving to be one of the best phytoremediative plants we have been able to find."

Industrial Hemp is great for these purposes because:

  • grows quickly with roots that penetrate the ground deeply in all directions

  • does not reject Heavy Metals

  • Fibers and Stalk material can still be harvested and used in making Hemp products

  • is very tolerant of all varieties of climates

With over 50,000 different products that can be made with Hemp, in addition to its benefits for health, humanity and the environment, there is a great potential for the plant and its uses in all sectors of the economy. Whether in farming, as an ingredient in manufacturing or as a vehicle to help solve some of humanities challenging problems (like climate change, hunger, etc.), Hemp is an amazing plant with unlimited potential for the world.

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