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Why is Hemp Protein Better than other Plant Based Proteins

Proteins are necessary nutrients which we need to help maintain our muscles and overall health. For a long time, there have been supplements and alternatives available on the market with different benefits and uses. Here, we will discuss the benefits of Hemp, a plant based protein, over other Plant-based proteins.

A young woman making a fitness drink using a protein powder.
Protein Powders have become integral parts of our workout routines.

First, we need to point out that there are different forms of protein products, each made in different ways and from different sources. One of the more popular is Whey protein. For some reasons, like Body Building and Strength training, this type may be a better option. It provides quicker results, among other reasons. However, Whey protein is generally a product made as a byproduct of cheese manufacturing, therefore is unavailable to someone who is Lactose Intolerant. Coming from cheese, it is also an animal based product, making it incompatible with a Vegan lifestyle. In these cases, many look to pant-based proteins for their dietary needs. Another group may be those looking to supplement their overall health and provide consistent, long-term fuel for their bodies (as opposed to the quick results many athletes seek while sports training).

Where does Hemp Protein come from?

The protein found in Hemp is located in the seeds of the plant. It is found in the meal which remains after the Hemp Seed Oil has been removed from the seed (generally through a process known as Cold-Pressing). This meal is then usually ground into a fine powder and used to make Hemp Flour products and Protein supplements. These products, on their own, have been described to possess an "earthy, nutty flavor", but can be combined with other ingredients like smoothies to make them more palatable if one desires.

What can someone use Hemp Protein Powder to do?

Whereas Hemp protein is taken into the body anytime you consume a product containing Hemp Seeds, it is often the powdered form of the supplement which is purchased and used by consumers. There are few limits to the ways you can use the product, but some popular examples include:

  1. Mix it in with your smoothies and nutrition drinks to give your body a long lasting source of protein fuel throughout the day and night.

  2. Add it to Flour mixes (or use Hemp Flour products) to add a boost of protein into your baked goods.

  3. Mix it with water or milk (or another beverage) to take a quick "shot" of protein before or after working out or performing strenuous work. (Note, the powder can become a bit gritty using this method).

So, what are these advantages of which you speak?

Below is a partial list of the major reasons why Hemp Protein stacks up against the competition. To see which type is correct for your needs, we recommend seeing a sports physician, trainer or nutritionist.

A container and spoon filled with raw (unbleached) Hem Protein Powder
Hemp Protein Powder
  • Hemp is A MORE COMPLETE PROTEIN: Meaning that every serving contains some of all 9 Essential Amino Acids.

  • EASY TO DIGEST: Plant based proteins are generally more difficult for humans to digest. However, Hemp protein is processed at around 90-98% in our bodies. Far outpacing other plant proteins and on par with those from animal sources.

  • HIGH IN FIBER: Also unusual amongst most refined protein powders, is Hemps unusually high amount of Fiber. High Fiber diets are linked to all sorts of positive health benefits, yet only a small percentage of people actually reach the recommended goals (25 to 38 grams/day depending upon sex). Hemp protein contains almost 8 grams per serving, going a long way to fill that gap.

  • UNSATURATED FATS: Hemp protein powder, being mostly unrefined, still retains some of its Fat Content, even after pressing the oil from the seeds. Fortunately, this is all Unsaturated Fats, more commonly called "Good Fat."

  • AMINO ACIDS: Hemp protein contains what is considered the optimal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 Fatty Acids (3:1).

  • RICH IN OTHER NUTRIENTS AND ANTIOXIDANTS: Hemp protein contains extraordinarily high amounts of beneficial minerals, such as Magnesium and Iron, which have several positive health benefits.

If you are seeking a better protein to incorporate into your routine, or are under a restrictive diet such as Lactose Free or Vegan, then you should seriously consider the advantages of using Hemp protein!


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