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Why wear Hemp clothing? 9 Properties of Hemp Clothing.

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Hemp as a fiber, has been used to make clothing as far back as recorded history. Up until the invention of synthetic fibers (Nylon, Rayon, etc.) it was the primary material used to make clothing and textiles. In fact, the first pairs of Denim jeans made in America, were made from Hemp fibers.

The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 put the final nail in the coffin for the Hemp industry as a whole in this country, including the Hemp clothing industry. However, the recent legalization of the growing of Hemp by the Farm Bill of 2018 has opened the door to a new and blossoming Hemp clothing industry.

But why wear Hemp clothing? Is it really superior to synthetic fabrics? Here are a list of properties of Hemp fabrics and clothing that may very well prove that it is.

  1. Hemp blocks the suns UV rays: Hemp fibers are naturally UV resistant, so wearing Hemp clothing while outside in the sun helps protect from unwanted sunburns, which can lean to skin conditions from dryness and flaking to melanomas.

  2. Hemp is Mold & Mildew resistant: The Hemp plant, as well as its fibers are naturally mold and mildew resistant. They do not retain excess moisture which can lead to fungal growth and thus do not allow for fungal organisms to take hold and begin growth.

  3. Hemp is absorbent and breathable: Woven Hemp fabric is loose enough to allow air to fill the spaces between the fibers and transfer heat in and out of the garment with ease. The fibers are highly absorbent and will wick away moisture and cause a cooling effect on the skin.

  4. Hemp is tough and resilient and has a long lifespan: A Hemp fiber has twice the tensile strength of that of a Cotton fiber. It is very resistant to breakage from bending, flexing, and stretching and also gets softer over time. Because of this, Hemp fibers have a much longer expected life span than others. especially artificial fibers.

  5. Naturally anti-microbial: NC State University reviewed an earlier study showing that certain Cannabinoids present in Hemp fiber are effective at killing various microorganisms (like E.coli, MRSA, etc.). This property makes Hemp a desirable material for clothing for those in the health care and related professions.

  6. Becomes more soft and comfortable over time: Hemp fibers are unique in that, the more they are laundered and cleaned, the softer they become. This truly makes Hemp clothing the only clothing that gets more comfortable the longer you own it.

  7. Great for the environment: Hemp is by and far, the best organic crop that can be grown for environmental benefit. The reasons alone, would warrant their own list, but suffice it to say, Hemp has numerous benefits over other natural fibers for the environment. For example, Hemp requires half the water of Organic Cotton while also needing no pesticides or other chemicals. Hemp is also bio-degradable, so when it finally wears out and is discarded, it will not linger in the environment for decades and centuries.

  8. Accepts and retains colors well: Hemp fibers will soak up and retain natural dyes and colorants, thus staying vibrant and colorful longer than their synthetic cousins.

  9. Odor-suppressing: Bacteria accumulating in the fibers of a fabric lead to odors and smells. However, related to number 5 above, we have said that Hemp is naturally anti-microbial. Since it doesn't accumulate bacteria, it doesn't build up smells and odors. The advantage of this is that you can wear the clothing longer between washes if desired, perfect for long trips with limited access to laundry facilities.

A sample of Hemp Fabric
A Piece of Hemp Fabric

These are the some of the many reasons which Hemp should quickly become the mainstay of the textile and clothing industries. It's environmental benefits alone should tip the scales away from synthetics and Organic Cottons.

Hemp fabrics can be used in any manner of clothing, with any type. From undergarments to Formal wear, Nightclothes to bathing suits,, and shoes to hats. This clothing is both functional and fashionable. Modern Hemp clothing designs are just as trendy as any other material.

One popular stereotype of Hemp clothing is that of a person wearing an old-time Hemp robe and sandals, perhaps with the "Hippie" look. That is simply not true! Many specialty Hemp stores, like ours, are beginning to appear selling Hemp clothing and accessories. The fabric will move more into the mainstream as demand increases, and manufacturers begin to use Hemp more as a raw material. Then, the costs will decrease and Hemp clothing will become more and more popular.

When this finally occurs, you can dress and be proud that your wardrobe is both stylish, and healthy for you and the planet!



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