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Announcing our new contest page! How you can benefit.

This week, we're talking about a slightly different topic. Recently, we launched our new Contest Page on our website and have an exciting array of Contests, Giveaways and sweepstakes planned for the future. We wanted to make sure you knew the details and then give our followers a few tips to help improve your odds of winning a great prize.

First, lets look at some of the types of contests we will be running:

  1. Sweepstakes - Complete certa1n actions to earn entries into the Contest. Actions may include subscribing to our list, visiting a page on our site, visiting and liking posts on our social media, and of course, referring your friends. Some actions may be required, but in most every case, there are opportunities for bonus entries, or daily chances for additional entries.

  2. Post a Video/Picture - On our Social Media, we may ask you to post your favorite picture or video of a certain topic, or involving one of our products. We will select the best one (or leave it up to total "Likes" on the comment) for the winner.

  3. Certain number of subscribers - Either using our subscription list, or Followers on Social Media, we will pick a target number for the subscriber/follower that signs up in that position. (ex. "The 100th person to "Like" our Facebook page, etc.)

  4. Best Comment/Caption - We may post a funny or odd photo on our Social Media and ask that our audience make a comment. We will select the funniest and award that person with a prize.

  5. Scavenger Hunt / Password - Occasionally we like to see how involved you are, so we will give you clues or tasks to complete in order to enter the contest, or even to complete an win.

You might enter a drawing or giveaway from time to time, but they can be great fun and lead to winning some cool prizes and swag. There is even a subset of Internet users that put a significant amount of their screen time to finding and entering different contests.

Some of the prizes you can win include:

  • Cash - Rare nowadays, but sometimes you might find a contest with cash for a prize. It is much more common in live/in-store contests than online.

  • Gift Cards / Gift Certificates - Not quite as flexible as cash, but a GC allows you to allocate the value of your prize to the products or services you need.

  • A "Prize Pack" - Usually a bundle of merchandise with a common theme. (for example, a beauty package, etc.).

  • Specific Merchandise - Normally, one or two different items or a service that is limited in scope. (for example, a new bike, or a new roof and whatever is necessary to provide that)

  • Vanity Prize - A prize with no real physical object or service provided. Basically, recognition. (for example, display of your own art or literature upon a website, or promotion for your project/business, etc.) These are rare amongst personal contests online, and are generally found in specialty and business forums.

"What's the catch?" You might ask. You have to read each contest's rules for specifics, but in general, the trade off for entry is giving up an e-mail address for a subscription list, or liking a Social Page etc. Basic marketing activities.

Businesses go through the trouble of running contests in order to market themselves. They want to grow their e-mail lists and their Social Media presence. Improving these will eventually increase the businesses reputation online, and lead to more loyal followers and customers.

So, it is up to you to decide if the actions required in the contest are worth it to you to perform. Essentially, are you willing to trade access to your inbox for the chance of winning something you desire?

So, How do you beat the odds and win?

That is a tricky question. Depending on the prize, or popularity of the company, there may be thousands of entries into each different contest. It may seem impossible to win!

But should you enter anyways? Well, if your answer to the question above about trading access is "Yes," then, absolutely you should. After all, you can't win if you don't play, right?

Some people think it is just "dumb luck" that leads you to win. That might be a fraction of the chance, but your chances can definitely be improved. Like we mentioned above, most contests run online give you the opportunity to earn additional entries into the contest by completing certain actions. So like those Social posts, and share the contest to your timelines, and those extra entries add up, improving your odds. Sometimes, in smaller contests, by significant amounts.

Some Tips and Hints:

  • Try and think like the contest planner. What is the goal of this contest? Look for contests with the goal of increasing followers or subscribers. These tend to have fewer entrants and thus, better odds of winning.

  • Search for Hashtags. Most contests use a few generic hashtags to help improve their reach. Set up to follow or search these periodically to find new opportunities to win stuff.

  • Use contest websites. There are entire websites out there whose entire purpose is to collect and display different contests. Join your favorite(s) and subscribe to their e-mail lists and opportunities can pour into your inbox. You can find many of these sites by going here.

  • Set up a "contest" e-mail address. If you plan to enter contests regularly and want to keep your inbox free, consider setting up a separate e-mail account to use to enter with and subscribe to the websites mentioned above.

  • Be the winner they are seeking. If a contest requires your input, like a comment or an image, try and think of the image a company is projecting and tailor your entry to meet that expectation. If you are selected, and further input is required, that rule also applies.

  • Don't shy away from the bonus entries. If a contest has the option of earning additional entries, use them. Like a social post, share the contest on your timeline, or visit daily are just some examples of ways you can run up the odds of winning.

Contests can be fun, and we sincerely hope you will have fun entering ours! Good luck!

To visit the Policies and Rules for our contests, Click Here and scroll down to the appropriate section.



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