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Have you ever taken time-released medicines and can see the advantage of having a sustained absorption of Hemp Extracts over the course of the day, rather than a larger dose once or twice?


Now we have  BioSpectrumCBD’ s Delayed Release Capsules available for your use.


These capsules have 30 mg of Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract each and are made from a plant-based hard shell that dissolves slowly over time, and bypasses the stomach, waiting to dissolve in the GI tract. The water-based “Nano-Particles” of CBD are highly absorbable and have one of the best absorption rates available in a swallowed dosage method.


Capsule Features:

  • Plant Based capsules dissolve slower, delivering a steady dosage of CBD over time.
  • Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extracts using “Nano-Technology” to provide a higher rate of absorption.
  • All the benefits of taking a daily dosage of Hemp Extract with your wellness routine.
  • Comes in a 30-capsule bottle with 30 mg/capsule (900 mg per bottle).
  • THC Free (Uses Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracts)
  • Third Party Lab Tested.
  • Created by a Physician



  • Take one or two tablets once or twice per day (depending upon your required dosage) with liquids.
  • Take capsules consistently, at the same time(s) and amount every day.


These capsules  are manufactured and sold by BioSpectrumCBD, a Wisconsin based company. They focus on unique and proven delivery systems for Hemp Extract products. The founder and CEO of the company is a licensed & practicing physician in Madison, WI.


Available in a 30 Capsule bottle, 30 mg per capsule (900 mg per bottle).


If you are using Hemp Extracts in your daily routine and want your dose delivered slowly, then BioSpectrumCBD’ s Delayed Release Capsules are a product worth exploring!


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BioSpectrumCBD Delayed Release Capsules, 30 mg

SKU: HES-0002-008
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