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Do you believe single-use plastics are a scourge to the environment and need to go away? Are you tired of having a drawer full of unused plastic utensils that you get every time you get take-out? Did you know many recyclers will not accept these for recycling? Want to help reduce the amount of plastic waste which you are generating?


Now you can by using Conscious Cutlery’s Travel Cutlery Set!


Have not you always wanted to go eat at a restaurant and politely refuse the package of plastic silverware. Two or three pieces that you may or may not use, and no matter what, wind up in a landfill or worse, in a waterway or ocean! Wouldn’t it feel good explaining to the cashier that, rather than making garbage and polluting the environment, you brought your own with you?


Now with these 7-piece travel cutlery sets, you can do just that. With a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, straw, and straw cleaner, anything you could possibly need is at hand. Contained in a handy zip up pouch available in four styles to suit your personality. Stainless Steel, they are easily washed and ready for the next use. They make great camping and travel utensils as well.


These Utensils:

  • Made from rust-resistant stainless-steel
  • Each set has 1 Knife, 1 Spoon, 1 Fork, A Set of Chopsticks, A Straw, and a Straw Cleaner
  • Each set comes in a zip-up 8” x 3” Hemp/Cotton Blend Pouch available in four patterns
  • Compact enough to fit inside a purse, backpack, glovebox, or other small storage space
  • Cleans up easily in sink or dishwasher
  • Pouch is washable, made of strong Hemp/Cotton blend, will resist wear, tear, and fading
  • Each purchase goes towards benefitting a non-profit related to the environment, bee conservation, or ocean cleanup



  • Keep a set on hand (in purse or in the car) and take it in with you to eat at a restaurant that offers plastic silverware or straws and politely refuse these when offered.
  • Keep a set or two with your camping/outdoor gear
  • Take a set with you when you travel


These sets are manufactured and distributed by Conscious Cutlery, based in Lake Tahoe, CA


Available as a 7-piece set with pouch styles Mandala, Trees, Plastic Sucks, and Bees.


Help the planet and “Just Say No” to single-use plastic utensils with Conscious Cutlery’s Travel Cutlery Set!


#Hemp #PlasticSucks #OurPlanetOurHome #Oceans

Conscious Cutlery Travel Cutlery Set

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