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Want to add some wild flavor to your honeys sweetness and mix it with some healthy CBD?


The Brothers Apothecary Flavored CBD Honey gives you several options of flavors that will please your palette and awaken your senses.


These honeys come in convenient single use pouches with 10 to 15 mg CBD per pouch. Available in the following varieties:


WILDFLOWER HONEY – Small-batch, lab tested & made with intention, our Wildflower Honey is named after the nectar of the wild blossoms that serve as the core ingredient of this delicious treat. Rich flavor with complex profiles, this honey is packed with nutrients, with notes of sweet maple, local fruits, and bright and sweet flower blossoms. All of our honey is sourced from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and packaged in Portland.


LAVENDER HONEY – Every batch starts with our classic Wildflower Honey blending with sweet, subtle organic Lavender. Lavender has been used for inspiring a calm, relaxed state of mind for thousands of years. Sourced from the finest organic lavender, each pouch is rich in flavor, with complex, delightful notes of maple and delicate flower blossom from the Willamette Valley wildflowers alongside floral, never overpowering lavender.


ORANGE TURMERIC HONEY – Starting with our Organic Wildflower Honey, we add two power houses of flavor: turmeric & orange. Turmeric, like CBD, works to promote a healthy immune system. With a touch of black pepper (Piperine), turmeric’s key property, Curcumin, becomes more bioavailable and easier for the body to absorb. For amazing flavor with a touch of citrus, we then add organic Orange, rounding off the experience with bright, delicious, and flavorful notes.


HIBISCUS GOJI BERRY – Supercharged with Hibiscus and Goji Berry, this organic Wildflower Honey supports a healthy immune system while tasting incredible. Goji is packed with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and have been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. Hibiscus has similarly been used for centuries, touted for its benefits for overall wellbeing. Together, plus CBD, each honey makes a delicious snack that is also great for body & mind!


LEMON GINGER - Goodbye cold season – or heck, any time when your throat feels a bit itchy. Made with real organic lemon essential oil and organic ginger root, this health-inspired combination of pure Willamette Valley wildflower honey, CBD, and the tantalizingly delicious duo above support a healthy immune system, no matter the weather. Lemon also can help promote a sense of calm, while ginger also supports a healthy settling of the stomach. Enjoy on its own or in a cup of tea!


These honeys:

  • Available in 3 or 5 pouch bags
  • Each pouch has approximately 10 – 15 mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • Organic Oregon Wildflower Honey
  • Natural and sustainable ingredients and essential oils
  • Lab Tested
  • 100% Biodegradable packaging



  • Pouches are the perfect size for travel.
  • Use as an alternative sweetener that adds a burst of flavor to your warm beverage


This honey is produced and packaged from locally sourced natural ingredients in Oregon, USA


Available in 3 and 5 pouch bags.


Add some exotic taste and the healing power of CBD to your warm beverage with The Brothers Apothecary Flavored CBD Honey!


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The Brother's Apothecary Flavored CBD Honey

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