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How would you feel using a natural ingredient toothpaste that not only left you with a clean and minty fresh mouth but also helped improve your overall Oral health? Would it help to know it was created by a professional Dental Hygienist?


CBDDent’ s Fluoride Free Mint Toothpaste is just the product that will give you that feeling!


This is a nontoxic toothpaste that contains no parabens, no SLS/sulfates, BPA’s, or propylene glycol free. It also has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, is fluoride-free and gluten-free. This product is also NOT tested on animals.


This toothpaste contains CBD (Cannabidiol), and CBG (Cannabigerol). CBD has been shown in various studies to reduce inflammation and pain and has also been shown to have antibacterial properties. CBG could stimulate bone growth as well as have antibacterial properties. The possible benefits of the cannabinoids should help reduce inflammation and bad bacteria that can cause gum disease. Combined, they may help mitigate some periodontal disease.


This Toothpaste:

  • Is Fluoride-Free
  • Contains CBD (reduces inflammation and pain, anti-microbial) (3 Oz has 60 mg, 1 Oz has 20 mg)
  • Contains CBG (to help bone growth and anti-bacterial) (3 Oz has 15 mg; 1 Oz has 5 mg)
  • Comes in convenient sized 1- or 3-Ounce tubes made from recycled materials (bpa free)
  • No Artificial Ingredients, sweeteners, or preservatives.



  • Replace your commercially produced toothpaste that contains Parabens, preservatives, and synthetic ingredients with this Minty fresh toothpaste for use in your oral-care routine.
  • Brush teeth 2 to 3 times per day for at least 5 minutes, rinse and floss.
  • 1 Oz. tubes meet airline travel size restrictions and can be used for your travel kit.


This product is manufactured and distributed by CBDDent, a U.S. company which was founded by a Registered Dental Hygienist.


Available in Mint Flavor, 1- or 3-Ounce Tubes


CBDDent’ s Fluoride Free Mint Toothpaste is the great tasting, natural way to maintain and improve your Oral Health.


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CBDDent Fluoride-Free Mint Toothpaste

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