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Our skin is our best friend. It surrounds us and protects us and is with us for our entire lives. Is taking care of your largest organ is important to you, then you are looking for body care products carefully crafted  to preserve and protect the skin and help it keep its youthful appearance and strength.


The Brothers Apothecary CBD Body Care line is the product you may be seeking.


With a variety of purposes and base ingredients, this skin care line comes in the following varieties:


EARL GREY BODY POLISH – Skin-Loving CBD Sugar Scrub for Morning Glow

Sugar Scrubs are among the most popular body polishes in the world; they help exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells, encouraging brighter, healthier, and more radiant looking skin. Approximately 10-20 scrubs per bottle.


CHAMOMILE BATH SOAK – A Restful, Skin-Soothing CBD Bath Soak for all Skin Types

The calming scent of natural lavender meets Roman & German Chamomile, alongside skin-loving Aloe Leaf, Zinc Oxide, Provitamin B5 and Baking Soda. This CBD bath soak is formulated for all skin types and dissolves instantly, leaving no residue or grime. Approximately 8 baths per bottle.


ROSEHIP FACIAL CREAM – Antioxidant & Vitamin Rich Rosehip CBD Cream for Beautiful Skin

Delicate, light, and perfectly hydrating, our Rosehip CBD Face Cream is made to benefit all skin types, helping glow, elasticity, and skin’s natural radiance and youthfulness. 


GREEN TEA BODY BUTTER - Ultra-Hydrating Green Tea CBD Body Butter for Radiant Skin

Wave goodbye to dry skin. Crafted with wholesome, healthy ingredients, our Soothing CBD Body Butter is crafted to skin hydration, elasticity, and youthful stunning complexion.


These Products:

  • Expertly blended with natural and organic ingredients
  • Contain 100% Full Spectrum Hemp Extract derived from locally sourced Hemp
  • Good for a variety of skin types
  • (Rosehip and Green Tea) are Vegan
  • Lab Tested



  • Keep a jar available to use for relief in all parts of your skin care routine.


These products are blended and manufactured from locally sourced ingredients in Oregon, USA


Available in Jar form (see Gen. Info. For sizes).


The Brothers Apothecary CBD Body Care line will help you keep and maintain a healthy outer covering for your body.


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The Brother's Apothecary CBD Body Care

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