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Want to try a new and exciting method of ingesting your CBD dose? Want something with a better taste than traditional tinctures? Looking for a more discreet method (other than pills or tinctures) to take a boost or maintenance dose throughout the day, at work, for example?


Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Mints are the newest product that may help you achieve these goals!


Not only are they delicious, but they are incredibly effective ways to ingest CBD! These Spearmint mints are dosed at 10mg of CBD each and are absorbed under the tongue just like our tinctures. As you enjoy the delicious flavors and allow the mint to dissolve under your tongue, the CBD will be absorbed faster than if you had just eaten and digested it. It offers the same reliable experience, but with more convenience while you are out and about (and, who does not need to refresh their breath after being out for a bit?). When used this way, the CBD is absorbed directly into your body through the mucous membrane under your tongue, instead of being absorbed through the digestive process. If you are seeking faster absorption of CBD or have digestive issues, this may be an ideal method for you.


Available in 2 flavors:


Spearmint flavor reminds you of pure, cool lakes and peaceful mountains while you make the most of your day.


Tropical Strawberry Mango flavor transports you to tropical climes while easing you into your day.


These mints:

  • 250MG of CBD per Bottle
  • 25 mints (0MG each) per Bottle
  • Available in 2 flavors
  • Freshen your breath while absorbing a dose of CBD
  • Mints are absorbed sub-lingually as they dissolve
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Vegan Friendly
  • Lab Tested



  • Use as a great tasting and simpler alternative to traditional tinctures and pills.
  • Use throughout the day if you need a boost, more discreetly than other methods.
  • Compact bottle allows you to take mints along with you wherever you go for whenever you need.


These mints are manufactured and distributed by Pure Hemp Botanicals of Colorado, USA.


Available in 2 Flavors, in Bottles of 25 mints (10MG per mint/250MG per bottle)


Many of us do not want to take yet another pill, and Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Mints offer an effective, tasty alternative! This is a great way to make your wellness routine feel less cold and clinical, and more focused on enjoying your life!


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Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Mints

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