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Do you want the powerful relief of Hemp Extracts (CBD) that quickly and efficiently delivers a dose of Cannabinoids that can penetrate the blood-brain barrier in seconds, that can be taken in a quick and unique way?


Please consider BioSpectrumCBD’ s Nasadol CBD Nasal Spray as that solution.


This is an innovative and unique product in the Hemp Extract market. This nasal spray delivers a powerful dose of Cannabinoids almost directly into the bloodstream via the nasal sinuses. This route provides faster absorption and the pure form of isolate Hemp Extracts (CBD only, no THC) penetrate the Blood-Brain Barrier in seconds.


Intranasal delivery has been shown to be 6-8 times better at absorption than other methods. Since the dose is being absorbed directly into the bloodstream and enters the Blood-Brain barrier so quickly, it also bypasses filtration by the liver (which can reduce the strength of the dosage taken). Because this administration route is so efficient, the same results can be obtained with remarkably lower concentrations of Hemp Extracts (1-2 mg per dose for this product). Far better bioavailability that topicals like creams and balms, and better than most oral routes, the nasal spray is one of the most efficient and fastest methods for obtaining relief from a CBD product.


Nasadol CBD nasal Spray Features:

  • Effects within seconds from the efficient absorption of the administration route.
  • Efficiency of the nasal administration means less CBD needed per dose.
  • Comes in a small, easy to carry and use nasal spray applicator, which contains 100 sprays each. 1 mg (regular strength) or 2 mg (extra-strength) CBD per spray.
  • THC Free (Uses CBD Isolate)
  • Third Party Lab Tested.
  • Created by a Physician



  • Keep a sprayer handy and use as directed/needed throughout the day when away from home.
  • Take for a wide variety of benefits and conditions. For example, relieve sinus pressure, conquer headaches, help get restful sleep, calm anxiety, help manage stress, and many others.


These sprayers are manufactured and sold by BioSpectrumCBD, a Wisconsin based company. They focus on unique and proven delivery systems for Hemp Extract products. The founder and CEO of the company is a licensed & practicing physician in Madison, WI.


Click Here to view a testimonial video from one of the company’s customers. 


Available in a nasal spray tube with 100 sprays per bottle. 1 mg (Regular) or 2 mg (Extra-Strength) per spray.


If you need fast-acting relief and are looking for a unique CBD product backed and created by a physician, then BioSpectrumCBD’ s Nasadol CBD Nasal Spray is worth your attention.


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BioSpectrumCBD Nasadol Nasal Spray

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