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Would you like to have a great multi-purpose balm handy to use under your eyes and on your lips (or really, anywhere else you need) when you need a little skin relief?


Keep a tube of The Brothers Apothecary CBD Buzz Balm handy and apply it liberally to protect your sensitive skin.


Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, our CBD lip and under-eye balm is 100% natural, locally made with US-grown hemp, and ultra-nourishing. Each tube contains approximately 10MG of pure CBD, providing a light but effective dose of CBD.


Using healthy, organic ingredients, our CBD Balm is made in small batches in Portland, Oregon by hand. We exclusively source from ethically, honest supplies, and that extends from our local beeswax that’s sustainably harvested to our aromatic, luxurious organic Cocoa butter.

Contained in simple lip balm tube, this balm is great to applies directly to your lips, or frankly anywhere else your body needs a little extra hydration. Our original formula was made with the under-eyes in mind, as it helps nourish sensitive skin and depuff, improving skin’s appearance and encourage that natural youthful glow.


This Balm:

  • Each tube has 10 mg Pure CBD
  • Formulated with ingredients designed to protect and nourish skin
  • Comes in a convenient lip-balm sized tube, .16 Oz. / 4.5 g
  • Easy to apply
  • Lab Tested
  • Locally sourced, natural, and organic ingredients



  • In dry and cold environments to protect and relieve exposed skin.
  • As a replacement lip balm.
  • Small enough to keep in travel kits


These balms are manufactured in small batches from locally sourced ingredients in Oregon, USA


Available in Single Tubes (.16 Oz./4.5g)


The Brothers Apothecary CBD Buzz Balm is an ultra-nourishing CBD balm made for your skin.


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The Brother's Apothecary CBD Buzz Balm

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