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Pain can ruin your day! Would you like to have a convenient solution to ease that pain that is easy and simple to take?


You need to try Green Flame Hemp’s Full Spectrum CBD Drops with Turmeric and find a natural way to help relieve your pain.


These therapeutic-quality, full spectrum CBD oil drops with Turmeric offer an effective and fast-acting solution for natural pain relief. A powerful anti-inflammatory, our potent formulation of CBD and Turmeric provides both physical relief and emotional stability in an all-natural, plant-based product. Experience reduced feelings of stress and anxiety, better pain management, and more consistent sleep. CBD and Turmeric work powerfully together to promote overall wellness and healthy pain management for both body and mind. Make our CBD +Turmeric drops a part of your daily routine to get your body into a healthy and steady pattern of pain management and emotional stability. Our CBD + Turmeric Drops have been carefully crafted to help you achieve better physical and mental balance. Create a habit of self-care to overcome nervous fatigue while you balance external pressures and soothe emotional stress with our pure and gentle formulation.


These Drops:

  • 100mg of full-spectrum CBD oil + Turmeric
  • Powerful pain relief + anti-inflammatory
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, pain, and discomfort
  • All natural, fast-acting formula
  • No artificial fillers or synthetic additives


Suggested Use:

  • Take a drop in the morning or before bed to help manage pain and discomfort.
  • Keep a bottle handy at work or in the car for when you need a boost.


These tinctures are manufactured and marketed by Green Flame Hemp of Pleasant Grove, UT. Hemp is sourced and naturally grown from farms in the United States.


Available in a 1 Oz. Bottle


Bring pain under control with Green Flame Hemp’s Full Spectrum CBD Drops with Turmeric.


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Green Flame Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Drops with Turmeric

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