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Plastic waste is a huge, and still growing threat to the eco-systems of the world. Plastic never truly decomposes, it merely decays into smaller and smaller versions of itself util those pieces (called microplastics) contaminate the food chain. One of the greatest sources of plastics which are introduced to the environment are single-use plastic straws. Why is there not an eco-friendly solution to this problem?


Well, with new Trew Balance Labs Hemp Drinking Straws, there is!


Plastic waste is a problem. Some facts about plastic waste include:

  • There are several, multi-mile in diameter wide patches of plastic waste floating around our oceans.
  • It can take a plastic straw about 200 years to break down in the environment.
  • It is estimated that nearly half-a-million drinking straws are used EVERY DAY in the U.S. alone.
  • Plastics never truly decomposes; they simply break down into smaller and smaller microscopic pieces of plastic called Micro-plastics.
  • These small pieces of plastic are consumed by smaller organisms, which is how they enter the food stream to larger and larger fish until they reach the human level, where they can cause health problems and digestive complications.


Traditional plastics (petroleum based) stay with us long after they are used and discarded. Would not a better option be to use plant-based plastics (known as Bioplastics) which are decomposable and disappear from the environment within weeks to months?


These Straws:

  • 1 Box = 100 Standard Hemp Straws
  • Standard straws are Green in color
  • 7.9” x .28” (201mm x 7mm)
  • Recyclable Cardboard Box Container
  • Straws Manufactured to ASTM 6400 and EN13432 Standards.
  • Re-usable multiple times, have same look and feel as a traditional straw
  • Suitable for both Hot & Cold Beverages
  • Hemp straws are both strong and pliable and do not disintegrate in liquids like paper straws will
  • Hemp straws DO NOT leave an oily residue like other plant-based PLA straws
  • Hemp straws contain NO allergens, like wheat-based PLA straws
  • Hemp straws are compostable and decompose within 80 to 120 days once discarded.



  • Replace the straws in your home with these straws.
  • Keep a box on hand when you go out and eat or travel and politely refuse the straws or extra straws that the servers offer.
  • If you own a business, such as a restaurant, replace the standard plastic straws you would normally carry with these to show your commitment to the environment.
  • Give a box of straws as a gift for your eco-conscious friends and family members.


Trew Balance Labs is a California based company that imports quality Hemp Based plastic straws.


Available in Retail as Single, 10 or 100 Boxes. These straws are also available in wholesale quantities to over 250,000 straws and can be customized. (please message for details)


These Trew Balance Hemp Drinking Straws can help stem the deluge of plastics flowing into our landfills and oceans daily.


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Hemp Drinking Straws

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